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How to Create a Video Outro Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here's a tutorial on how to make an outro video effect in Adobe Premiere Pro using crop and gaussian blur effects.
Here's a tutorial on how to make an outro video effect in Adobe Premiere Pro using crop and gaussian blur effects. Previously, in the video there was an intro and outro, the following are the differences:

Difference between Intro and Outro on video:
- Intro is the beginning or introduction of a video
- Outro is the ending or ending of a video


  1. Prepare the video that will be made outro and then enter it into the windows project by importing it and inserting it into the timeline.
  2. After that create text that will be animated as an outro by > New Item > Title then it appears like this,

  3. Write text on the work page

    After that close the window's title.

  4. Then enter the text that we made earlier into the timeline and position it on video 2,

  5. Next, create a second text, do it like the steps when creating the first text and insert it into the timeline in video 3, then it's like this,

  6. Next set how long the text will appear, for example here I set it at 1 second or at frame 60.

  7. After that add a crop effect in text 1 and text 2, to add a crop effect select the effects menu in the project windows > effect > video effect > transform > crop. After that drag the crop effect into text 1 and text 2, it will appear in the effect control like this,

  8. Then click text 2 on the timeline/sequence and tick toggle animation position on motion and Top on effect crop. After that click crop,

  9. After clicking on the program monitor a line will appear as below,

  10. Then drag the blue line down to near the center line of the screen,

  11. Then set the position of the text 2 as below,

  12. After that, draw the blue line again in text 2 until the writing of the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic is gone,

  13. After text 1 has been created as above, then set text 1 as text 2. Click toggle animation on motion and click toggle animation bottom on effect crop, then click effect crop then a blue line appears on the text 1 screen,

  14. Drag the blue line up towards the center line of the screen as shown below,

  15. Next, drag the time remapping line to frame 0 or seconds 0,

  16. Set text 1 to center screen like this,

  17. After that, click crop on title 1, drag the blue line upwards until the Information Management text disappears as shown below,

  18. Change the position of text 1 and text 2 to video 3 and video 4 in the sequence/timeline because we will give video 2 an adjustment layer,

  19. To create an adjustment layer, click new item > select adjustment layer, then drag it into the video sequence 2,

  20. After that, give effect to crop on adjustment layer and gaussian blur, to get Gaussian blur > select effect > video effect > blur & sharpen > gaussian blur. Drag the gaussian blur to the adjustment layer,

  21. Then click toggle animation in Blurriness in effect Gaussian blur and click top and bottom toggle animation in effect crop. Set the remapping time at frame 60 or seconds to 1. Then set it as below,

  22. After that drag the time remapping to frame 0 or seconds 0 and set it like this,

  23. When finished, give Easy In (Easy In is useful for improving animation movement), how to block all toggle animation in effects control on the adjustment layer screen> right-click select Easy In, it will be like this,

  24. Then change the toggle animation in teks 1 and 2 to Easy In just like the Toggle animation adjustment layer.
  25. Once done block all text 1, text 2, and adjustment layer to the last few seconds like this,

  26. Next, just import the video.

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