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Cause of urban growth

Urban growth in every developing country cannot be avoided and in that growth, there are various contributing factors.
Urban growth in every developing country cannot be avoided and in that growth, there are various contributing factors. In urban growth, human population growth is one of the contributing factors. Because the amount of human populations in urban areas continues to increase and coupled with the urbanization that resulted in urban areas continue to grow to exceed the capacity of urban space areas. 

Source: https://researchmatters.in/

As a result of urban growth, urbanization is the case at most because it is driven by promising economic factors and the supporting infrastructure and appeal of industrialization. But the urbanization process not only defines one of the causes of urban population growth but also changes in the economic, political, and social. 

Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/urbanization/

Urbanization has been closely linked to increasing income per capita. This relationship is consistent with general historical patterns. The correlation between urbanization and growth is so strong that urbanization is often used as a proxy for income per capita in comparisons of development across time and space. Given the influence of urbanization, it will result in the impact of environmental and social changes in urban environments and with the issue of global change that adds to change. Urban will face infrastructure problems in providing sustainable facilities and services such as energy, education, health care, transportation, sanitation, and physical security, caused by rapid urbanization growth. Due to the urbanization of the population to urban areas, there are two decomposition factors that are push and pull factors. This driving factor is accelerated by the situation of people living in rural areas moving to urban areas, while the pull factor is people's desire to settle and live in urban areas. In general, the drivers are due to the lack of luck of the population on economic and security conditions. While the pull factor occurs when the results of the driving factors change in the original condition, such as good employment opportunities and living facilities that support the rural population makes urbanization. 

Source: https://www.inthepublicinterest.org/

The level of gross domestic product (GDP) has an effect on the occurrence of urbanization, if the level of income of GDP is high then identifying the increasing economic growth in the city and will attract the occurrence of urbanization. Then indirectly land use occurs for the construction of facilities and services such as transportation, housing, and infrastructure needed. Therefore, the increase in GDP encourages the increasing use of land and it causes problems.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/


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